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Jinpeng Hengshui highway bridge expansion joints

Jinpeng Hengshui highway bridge expansion joints
  • Jinpeng Hengshui highway bridge expansion joints
  • Jinpeng Hengshui highway bridge expansion joints
  • Jinpeng Hengshui highway bridge expansion joints
  • Jinpeng Hengshui highway bridge expansion joints
Product code: 23068200001
Unit price: 310-2700 CNY
Reference price: 45.08-392.57 USD
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Other info: Per piece 3000KG
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I produced the highway bridge expansion mainly in the following models: GQF-C type, GQF-Z type, GQF-L Type, GQF-RG type. GQF-F Type, SCB steel comb type. GQF-MZL type The bridge expansion joint device is the use of hot-rolled shaped steel design the overall shape .GQF-C type, GQF-Z type, GQF-L type, GQF-F Is suitable for stretching the amount 80mm The following bridges use , GQF-MZL Type bridge expansion joint device is a Modular bridge expansion device by the side beams, beams, beams and linked institutions of , For stretching the amount 80mm-1200mm The large and medium span bridges. Bridge expansion joints is a method for the roads and bridges, in order to meet the deck deformation between the two ends of the beam, or set the position articulated telescopic device on a bridge between the end of the beam and abutment.

Bridge expansion joints principle:

Bridge expansion joints refers to the deformation of the bridge to meet the requirements, usually between two end of the beam, or set the position articulated joints on the bridge abutment between the beam ends and Requirements joints in parallel, perpendicular to the axis of the two bridges directions, can freely scalable, secure and reliable vehicle should be smooth too, no sudden jump and noise; to be able to prevent the infiltration of rainwater and mud blocked garbage; installation, inspection, maintenance, eliminate the dirt should be simple and convenient setting stretch. joints, railings and the bridge deck to be disconnected.

Construction of bridge expansion joint product installation steps:

1, the product is limited due to the length of transport, in the transport, usually 6-8 hours meters, transportation to the construction site being spliced. Stored at the site of the bridge expansion joints must be placed in parallel, not cross stacking to prevent deformation.

2, when we all products manufactured, product quality testing should be carried out, the connection is only easy to transport and set up the jig, the gap is not a given position. When the telescopic device installation should only be carried out under the supervision of bridge engineer recognized as specified on the design documents to file under the bridge design is based.

3, the construction, expansion joints should be before hoisting, concrete tank should be set aside to fight hair, cleaned width of a value of the product along the bridge to the installation, the response said that the gap in the product, and After its top surface elevation and design elevation consistent pad level, and then put through the horizontal bars coupled to the balance, the embedded steel anchor bars and beam weld on both sides (try to increase the weld and weld length to extend the use of telescopic device life), relax fixtures, its free stretch, then joints has entered the work state.

4, after the completion of the construction process, installing the necessary template to prevent the inflow mortar telescopic device, then carefully washed with water. In the concrete pouring reserve tank is greater than C50 concrete. Concrete pouring should take the necessary measures, vibration compacting .

5, after the initial setting of concrete, unplug the template, timely clear inner shaped steel expansion joints and tape loading slot foreign body.

Which is good or bad installation and construction of bridge expansion is directly related to the quality management of highway bridge construction, that installation quality directly affects the stability and driving comfort, quality of service and useful life of the bridge construction requirements.

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