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Supplying export chiller

Supplying export chiller
  • Supplying export chiller
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Supplying export chiller High-efficiency condenser, evaporator, excellent cooling, energy saving, low noise, long life compressor and world brands .

• Cooling range: 5 -35 ℃.

R22 Refrigerant, optional environmentally friendly refrigerant R407 , R410a , R134a , R404a. Good cooling effect.

• Increase the evaporator and the condenser, the unit can 45 ℃ below ambient temperature operation.

• microcomputer control, precise temperature control to ± 1 ℃ temperature difference .

• Low noise wind capacity fan.

• Low iron pump is standard, optional stainless steel or high-pressure pump .

• Multiple protection devices to protect the system security.

• Advanced water tank evaporator coil design, not only to supply a steady chilled water, can also cooling water inside the tank, reducing the absorption of ambient heat, improve the cooling efficiency.