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Bitzer screw chiller

Bitzer screw chiller
  • Bitzer screw chiller
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Bitzer screw chiller Bitzer from Germany / Taiwan Han Zhong semi-hermetic screw compressors latest twin-screw 5: 6 gear ratio and advanced linear design, energy efficient.

• Efficient live energy control valve to achieve grade-level or no control, quiet operation and smooth.

• The most advanced patented technology of high-precision machining.

• Built-in intelligent monitoring and comprehensive protection, including motor temperature monitoring, phase sequence monitoring, manual reset lock, oil monitoring.

• A variety of refrigerants are available, including R134a. R407c. R22 (R404a and R507c can be customized).

Microprocessor control system

• Industrial PLC centralized control unit, the compressor can be transferred with the system can accurately control the match unit cooling capacity and cooling load, ensure that the unit is running at optimum efficiency, reduce operating costs.

• Integrated water, low temperature, high and low pressure, antifreeze, phase, delay start, reverse, overload, motor overheating, oil pressure and poor number of security and processing functions.

• Optional Chinese and English interface, menu prompts, the unit can be set to run state.

Easy installation and reliable operation

• compressor staging step-down start, minimizing the impact on the grid.

• balance security operation, little vibration.

• Compact unit structure, small footprint, light weight, easy to move, easy to install.

• The factory before the completion of the various performance tests, complete wiring, reducing installation time and costs.