Concrete mixing station dedicated chiller

Concrete mixing station dedicated chiller

Product description:

Concrete mixing station dedicated chiller Adopt international advanced closed low noise, high efficiency scroll compressors, imported digital temperature control; units built with stainless steel water tank, high flow, high-lift pump dedicated; refrigeration unit with one or two circuits, or for interoperable work alone; perfect security system and fault electrical signals to ensure safe operation of the unit .

Energy saving : To provide industrial cooling water ;

Efficient: Advanced high- efficiency compressor matching condenser, using elected machining process from production, all products through national testing system test type, in line with national standards;

Security: with a variety of operational security measures to protect the unit operation and use of safety :

Appearance: unit design is reasonable, pleasing in appearance ;

Reliable: stable performance, low noise, long life;

Wide range of applications : plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, refrigeration, process cooling and hot water needs and other places.