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Hengruida-air cooled chiller

Hengruida-air cooled chiller
  • Hengruida-air cooled chiller
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Hengruida-air cooled chiller

• The world brand compressors and efficient condenser, evaporator combo, Super cooling, power saving, low noise, long service life.

• Cooling range: 5 -35 ℃.

R22 Refrigerants, alternative environmental refrigerant R407 , R410a , R134a , R404a. Good cooling effect.

• Increasing the evaporator and condenser unit can 45 Under high temperature environment.

• Micro-computer control, precise temperature control at ± 1 ° C temperature difference.

• Low noise air volume fan.

• Low pressure cast iron pump as standard, or optional stainless steel high pressure pump.

• Multiple protection, ensuring system security.

• Advanced water tank evaporator coil design, not only supplies stable frozen water, and cooling water inside the box, reduce the absorption of heat on the environment and improve energy efficiency. The whole warranty period of one year, life-long maintenance.

HTI-A Air-cooled fin type condenser, cooling effect is good, easy to clean and maintain, easy to install.

Power supply voltage: 1PH 220V/ 50HZ1/2HP To 2HP

3PH 380V/ 415V 50HZ3HP To 60HP