Supply of high foam profiled processing, color processing high foam profiled

Supply of high foam profiled processing, color processing high foam profiled

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0250
Detailed description:
High foam
High foam polypropylene
(EPP, can be made of polypropylene)
Foamed polypropylene material (referred EPP, Expandedpolypropylene) is a high-performance crystalline polymer / gas composites, with its unique and superior performance become the fastest growing new environmental protection compression buffer insulation. Poly propylene foam beads (EPP) PP as main raw material, the use of physical foam beads made of foam technology mainly used for mold foam molding for a variety of shapes and sizes for use in different occasions . polypropylene foam beads and sintering of polypropylene foam beads mold polypropylene foam products, and commonly used foam material, such as EPS and EPE, compared with many excellent performance.
1, excellent heat resistance: Maximum temperature at 130 ℃, much higher than the EPS and EPE use temperatures.
2, Good dimensional stability: EPP thermal shrinkage, dimensional stability.
3, light weight: Due to the relative density of EPP is small, the same expansion ratio foam is lighter than other materials.
4, Excellent cushioning properties: EPP has very good toughness and proper hardness, excellent cushioning properties over a wide load range.
5, good low-temperature characteristics: at -40 ℃, still has good cushioning properties.
6, the expansion ratio range: from low to high multiples of 11 times expansion ratio 45 times, and have good cushioning properties and absolute