Supply absorbent sponge tube diameter of 10mm, white PU absorbent sponge tube

Supply absorbent sponge tube diameter of 10mm, white PU absorbent sponge tube

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-1105
Detailed description:

Shenzhen Dongtai sponge is a professional production and processing sponge tubes, PU tubes absorbent sponge, white PU absorbent sponge roll manufacturers.
Absorbent sponge (circuit board using absorbent stick) / oral surgery pharmaceutical cotton / filter cartridge (waterworks use / pharmaceutical processing filter) (PVA material polyvinyl alcohol) is mainly used in the rubber condensate, rubber sole manufacturing industry, flat very wide field glass, tempered glass cooling (water clean glass of water after cooling), mirror industry, air conditioning water, after water cooling water circuit board cleaning, ink industry, tennis, golf and other venues clean water and aerospace industries.
PU absorbent cotton:
1. Soak in water before use until soft (do not soak in water for more than 80`C), ventilated place to dry after use, making it harden.
2. The product has a very strong water absorption capacity and ability to suck water does not drip after
3. The product contains an antifungal agent, will not mildew, are stronger than any other elastic sponge and difficult to tear
4. The product is very light, smooth and excellent water absorption;
5. apply makeup, wipes, sweat during exercise, oral surgery suction sucking and cleaning The product very soft, and the liquid does not drip out suck.
Sponge roller for decoration electronics absorbing water filtration, etc. have a strong toughness, high density, high abrasion resistance.