Supply color shaped sponge foam, foaming highly resilient high density sponge

Supply color shaped sponge foam, foaming highly resilient high density sponge

Product description:

Brand: Dongtai sponge type: DT-354
Detailed description:

1. soft quality high back play sent bubble class: Toy gift, PU ball, PU high back play furniture cushion, PU high back play motorcycle, bike, car cushion, PU high back play fitness movement equipment saddle seat, PU dental treatment chair back, PU medical head pillow, PU medical bed forming mattress, PU high back play Boxer sets within bile, PU high back play karate within bile, PU high back play nursing feet within bile, PU nursing first class products;

2. soft slow foam types: slow rebound toy, springback simulation slow food, slow rebound mattress, slow rebound pillows, slow Travel Pillow, slow child pillows and other products;

3. semi-rigid integral skin foam types: should be used for a variety of furniture accessories, Chair armrest, passenger armrest, Jacuzzi pillow, grab, back of the bathtub, bathtub seats, steering wheel, car cushions, automobile trim, crash protection bars, medical surgical mattress, pillow, fitness equipment mats, fitness equipment accessories

4. semi-hard foam Halloween type: PU high resilience hanged, hanged high rebound curtain, PU high resilience, hard foam skeleton man, half PU hard foam pumpkins, half PU hard foam tombstones, swords with high toughness, semi-rigid foam animal models;

5. hard quality imitation wood sent bubble class: hard bubble doors, building decorative to angle line, top line, sucking top disc, frames, candlestick, wall frame, speaker, hard bubble bathroom accessories, hard bubble lamps, lighting accessories, simulation stone decorative Board, beauty, decoration Board, TV background Board, hard bubble shoes supporting, hard bubble plate, hard bubble sculpture Board, hard bubble human models, jewelry show Taiwan, hard bubble crafts;