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Supply EPE positioning packaging electronic appliances, hardware protection positioning EPE Packaging

Supply EPE positioning packaging electronic appliances, hardware protection positioning EPE Packaging
  • Supply EPE positioning packaging electronic appliances, hardware protection positioning EPE Packaging
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Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0188
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  • Origin: Shenzhen
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Detailed description:

That EPE EPE) is a new type of plastic packaging materials, soft, flexible, can be a color, waterproof, shockproof and resistant to stamping, easy cutting, gluing, laminating, molding and other processing true, the effect is beautiful, the After the special antistatic treatment for sensitive electronic packaging products and components may also be based on customer needs and the film, aluminum foil and other composite materials molding process. EPE with the current environmental requirements, it is the best choice for export products. Monolithic pearls Cotton: 0.5-10mm adhesive EPE: 5-80mm Application: household appliances, instruments, gifts, wood products, glass, ceramics, building waterproofing, insulation watertight, travel bags, all kinds of pipe insulation and so on.
Send non-crosslinked polyethylene closed cell foam structure, also known as EPE EPE is a new environmentally friendly packaging material. It is produced by low-density polyethylene resin produced by physical foaming numerous independent bubbles constitute overcome the ordinary foam rubber brittle deformation, the shortcomings of poor response having impermeable to moisture, vibration, noise, thermal insulation, good plasticity, toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong anti-collision and many other advantages, also has good chemical resistance Is the traditional ideal alternative packaging materials are widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial chassis, lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, paint, furniture, wine and gift packaging, hardware After the products, toys, fruits, shoes within the packaging, packaging products and other daily necessities. Join antistatic agents and flame retardants, the more its superior performance.
EPE EPE is also used extensively for the elastic lining handbags luggage, the industrial production of sound and heat insulation materials, insulation materials, agricultural, aquaculture, floating equipment, sporting goods, protective pads, waterborne rescue equipment, home, hotel floor decoration , gaskets, etc. used extensively for its pipe air conditioning, stroller, children's toys, furniture and other industries.
EPE and various fabric adhesive products are a good variety of vehicles within the decoration materials and bedroom. EPE with aluminum foil or aluminum composite products have excellent anti-ultraviolet infrared capability, some chemical equipment and camping equipment refrigerator car sun substitutes.
EPE technical parameters
Basic features:
30-40 times foamed molded product, light weight, has a certain firmness
Good flexibility and cushioning
Low thermal conductivity of insulation is excellent
Independent bubble foam material, almost no water absorption of waterproof material
High foaming and excellent water resistance, it has a strong buoyancy
Corrosion resistance against all drugs corrosive material
From a variety of climatic conditions, excellent weather resistance
Independent bubble foam material has a good anti-vibration damping effect sound
Cutting, bonding, extrusion, vacuum molding, compression molding, etc. workability Excellent
Tiny bubbles of foam material, smooth appearance, coloring, which was beautiful effect
Production of flame retardant products through processing
It can be used to prevent static treatment
Physical properties:
Item Unit Data
Density G / cm3 0.03
Cell structure - the non-crosslinked sealed
Tensile strength KG / CM2 3.40
Tear strength KG / CM2 2.60
125% elongation
Water absorption MG / CM2 0.01
Shrinkage (70-C)% 0.75
Thermal conductivity KCAL / M. H. C 0.02
Temperature -C -60 to +80
Softness - good
Shear strength KG / CM 1.8-3
Surface resistance in ohms General: No
Antistatic: 10 9-11 th
EPE dedicated fiber
Is three-dimensional crimp hollow fiber, processed into a ball shape cotton, cotton balls into the interior of the hollow ball through special technology, a greater ventilation space, warmth and breathability stronger. And its products after quilting, it will automatically expand, Even washing machine will not be deformed. more for a pillow.

Because of the special advantages, not only do not pollute the environment, and can be recycled over and over again, so EPE EPE foam material is a new, Chaoyang never decline material. With the advance of time and product development and application, EPE EPE hair foam material will be more widely used in the packaging and filling materials used.
Current EPE EPE foam production, has been more developed in the Pearl River Delta, the use of this material has been more common in all walks of life, and the production and use of this material to obtain better economic efficiency of enterprises, the results are significant. Today, the production of the material gradually extended to Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong and other provinces and direction, but in fact has been put into production lines companies can not meet the needs of the domestic industries market, and moreover there are many domestic provinces and cities in the blank areas in urgent need of this new material to fill packaging filling industry needs.
Because EPE EPE foam material is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging, filling material. Its superior characteristics, more and more people know, so its use will continue to expand and innovation, especially in the packaging and other industrial materials side, It is better than the traditional timber performance, lower cost, higher quality, nice, better results. In addition, it is even more of its vast agricultural packaging in the timber, while EPE EPE foam sheet can also be deep-processing simply formulated EPE laminating machine, laminating machine can, on the surface of EPE sheet laminated HDPE film, aluminized, coated paper, plastic cloth, etc., the film after the EPE sheet plate, not only to improve the mechanical strength, but also enhance various properties and attach the original print a variety of patterns, text, expand product promotion. and after the composite sheet can be widely applied to the tank lining, life jackets, insulation, moisture-proof tents lined with litter, etc., etc., with the double economic growth.
In addition, EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging products can not be recycled after use, causing white pollution, is internationally banned. 1998 Europe and the United States to enact a ban on imports of any product EPS packaging, China promulgated the railway in 1999, and other departments to disable EPS Fast Food boxes, so EPE EPE packaging products will replace the EPS packaging materials, will soon occupy the packaging market, and possible alternatives to paper, corrugated board boxes and other packaging materials, and appearance than any packing material appearance.