Supply Nano sponge column, nano-sponge molding factory, nano-sponge tubes, nano-sponge

Supply Nano sponge column, nano-sponge molding factory, nano-sponge tubes, nano-sponge

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0270
  • The crowd: other
  • Origin: Shenzhen
  • Colour: white
Detailed description:

Nanosponges Use:

Suitable for color TV, refrigerators, computers, telephones, photocopiers and other electrical products and various kinds of glass products; bath, wash basin, marble walls, floor tiles and other ceramic products; sofas, tables, chairs, desks, doors, car seat chairs and other household items; grease on the surface of the stove, etc., handwriting, tea stains, hand stains and other kinds of dirt removal.


First soaking the product, and then gently shake off excess water, and then force to suppress the palm of the goods on the surface of the article was like equality repeatedly wipe; edges and corners can be cut into a suitable size, along with a uniform intensity and hold the edges of products Gently wipe repeatedly wiping cloth good water absorption after then wipe off residue on the surface of the powder and the water can be.

Because magic rub rub clean adsorption capacity is very strong, easy to fade or dyed leather products the best first test in an inconspicuous place to wipe, the effect can, then use another Omo use in electrical products, remember to dip Wet wipe clean magic had squeezed out excess water and then wipe, to avoid the risk of electric shock.


Do not use after vigorously squeezed to put the tap or in the basin gently shaking, adsorbed on the MCB will automatically surfaced dirt, and then come up, get rid of the water in a well ventilated place to dry naturally after save it.

Because this product is consumables, become smaller after use or damaged, it is recommended that you use when you wipe article according to appropriate adjustments to the role of different methods.

Please do not knead or wring tear of the product, so as not to reduce the performance of this product.