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Supply XPE foam, IXPE foam, Shenzhen professional XPE / IXPE foam manufacturers

Supply XPE foam, IXPE foam, Shenzhen professional XPE / IXPE foam manufacturers
  • Supply XPE foam, IXPE foam, Shenzhen professional XPE / IXPE foam manufacturers
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Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0183
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XPE / IXPE related characteristic:
(1) thermal insulation - Its slight independent bubble structure, reduce air convection caused by the exchange of energy for the production of pipe insulation, insulation board and both the anti-condensation, making it extremely suitable for use in refrigerators, air-conditioning and cold storage. more insulation materials and humid environment.

(2) cushioning properties - its semi-rigid foams, after losing by the strong impact reduction performance for precision instruments, semiconductors, electronic products, and other packaging.
(3) The sound absorbing - noise with sound-absorbing function, suitable for strong environmental noise equipment and cars, motors, etc. The sound-absorbing insulation materials.
(4) moldability - (XPE / IXPE) heat resistance, good ductility, density, can achieve vacuum forming and thermoforming deeper parts of the molding, which can be used in automotive air conditioning evaporator cabinets, ceiling and other hot car trim and shoe material aspects.
(5) In addition, XPE / IXPE also has a non-toxic, tasteless, chemical resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, halogen and other types of performance chemicals, and very easy to process, can be cut, paste and a variety of materials together, as a new generation of energy efficient, environmentally friendly materials have broad prospects for development.
XPE / IXPE main purposes:
(1) packaging areas: electronics, components, household appliances and other high requirements to protect and packaging materials
(2) Vehicles areas: car decoration, ceiling, dashboard, cover the old boards, coolers, flooring and other materials.
(3) culture, sports and grocery areas: school teaching materials, children's toys, sporting a variety of mats, surfboard, swimming jackets, float and cushioning materials used; kitchen with sink, mats, bath cap and slippers, hats, etc. .
Insulation materials (4) well-being of the machine room, tanks and reservoirs; central air conditioning, air conditioning with heat insulating materials.
(5) construction, civil engineering, roof, wall insulation, thermal insulation, cushioning, anti-condensation, water-proof, leak-proof, corrosion-resistant materials; civil various basic materials; antifreeze, shock cushioning material; indoor decoration, wallpaper, bed cushion materials.