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Polyurethane foam PORON, Inoue PORON foam, France PORON, PORON foam Korea

Polyurethane foam PORON, Inoue PORON foam, France PORON, PORON foam Korea
  • Polyurethane foam PORON, Inoue PORON foam, France PORON, PORON foam Korea
Product code: 23040600001
Unit price: 2500 CNY  (363.37 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-AK457
  • The crowd: other
  • Origin: Shenzhen
  • Types of: other
Detailed description:

Japan PORON series SRS-70P, SRS-48P, SRS-40P, SRS-32P, SRS-24P, SR-U-40P, SS-32P, SS-24P, ASR-S-40PA, ASR-S-32PA, FH-48, MX-48HF, MO-48, U-32, L-24, L-32, LE-20, LE-20LF, H-24, H-32, H-48, HH-48, HH- 48C, FH-48, ML-24, ML-32, MS-24, MS-32P, MS-32, MS-40P, MS-40, TL-4400, TL-4401, TL-4402, TL-4403, MH-24, MH-32, MH-48P, MH-48, the United States PORON series, 4701-304701-404701-414701-504701-604790-92 like.

PORON is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation, PORON brand polyurethane foams are foam industry famous trademark, Rogers Inoue polymer materials in China, the United States Rogers Corporation (Rogers Corporation) and Japan Inoue Group (INOAC Corporation) joint venture (Suzhou) Co., PORON brand polyurethane foam materials, high density, fine uniform cell structure, has excellent compression set resistance, inherent flame retardant properties are widely used in telecommunications, computers, household appliances sealing parts and Save shock. Shoes, clothing and sporting goods and other consumer products cushioning material for medical equipment cushion.
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Compressive residual strain is very small high sealing material. High energy absorption `high damping. Does not cause pollution to other materials affected. Dimensional stability and high processing efficiency.

Standard Series
Hardness density wide range of options to fully meet for cartridge seals and other sealing materials, all kinds of needs shockproof material, to absorb shock
LE: the general level of the softest soft, low-pressure compressible L: the general level of soft flexible type, as a buffer material, packaging material, etc. can be used in various range H: the general level of the hard type, physical strength, strong, applied seal, shock at HH: hard type for audio, home appliances, OA equipment, such as machine type and another foot high hardness with non-slip effect of C Model FH:.. compressive load is higher than the HH series, it is used in high load heavy conditions Under high hardness type U: flame retardancy achieved certification UL94HBF MO: flame-retardant high hardness UL94HBF Recognized as appliances required flame retardant pads.