Supply sponge scouring pad, scrub clean sponge scouring pad, sponge scouring pad molding

Supply sponge scouring pad, scrub clean sponge scouring pad, sponge scouring pad molding

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0701
  • The crowd: other
  • Origin: Shenzhen
Detailed description:

Industrial scouring pad, under the non-woven abrasive products in a special fiber to the substrate, followed by grinding ore and composition, with a unique three-dimensional open-mesh structure.
Industrial scouring bout of features: 1, industrial scouring elastic grinding, can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratching the surface 2, cold cutting, unique structure effectively cooling to prevent the workpiece during machining cause discoloration due to overheating. and deformation; 3, industrial scouring arm clogged, water, oil; 4, self-sharpening grinding, grinding process continuously fiber loss, new grinding ore continued naturally formed, the workpiece to provide a consistent processing quality; the current industrial scouring Cloth is mainly used in metal surface, such as wood coating, cleaning, polishing, descaling, deburring and other mechanical maintenance and cleaning, high-quality decorative appearance lined processing operations sponge scouring pad is mainly absorbent.

The magic sponge scouring pad: super durable decontamination, low scratch, with special decontamination particles that can quickly remove more stubborn stains, while the decontamination particles uniformly distributed from the outside to the inside, the ability to maintain a permanent special decontamination decontamination particles. Lawrence Zhirou, scratches on the surface level significantly lower than ordinary scouring pad. Efficient water surface, super-absorbent, fast and efficient. suitable for cleaning finer surfaces such as sinks, console, tables, glassware, plastic Yung pan, tile and other stubborn dirt and stains residual juice.