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Serving EVA foam, EVA foam manufacturers, EVA foam tape, EVA foam

Serving EVA foam, EVA foam manufacturers, EVA foam tape, EVA foam
  • Serving EVA foam, EVA foam manufacturers, EVA foam tape, EVA foam
Product code: 23030100001
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Brand: Dongtai sponge type: DT-1005
  • Trademark: Other
  • Origin/manufacturer: Other
  • Application level: Foam level
Detailed description:

Shenzhen Dongtai specializing in the production and processing of EVA sponge products
EVA has a good buffer, seismic, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, advantages such as resistance to chemical corrosion, and toxic, does not absorb water, designed to be processed, the shockproof performance better than polystyrene (foam) and other traditional foams and in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, a great choice for export products. Relative to the shockproof packaging can be cutting, molding.

Size: customer requirements color, material, specifications, provide OEM processing and further processing

Use: cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, engineering, such as refrigeration, refrigerated and frozen.

Fried skate, sneakers lined material, sport insoles, back cushion bags, surfboards, kneeling pad.

Ice, cold buildings, roof light, thermal insulation materials for building installation building.

Car seats, car interiors, roofline, foot cushion, awning materials, electrical appliances, precision instruments, equipment, and other electronic products as wide-ranging as shockproof packaging field.

Air conditioning refrigeration supporting pieces, cold storage insulation material, machine equipment sealed buffer pieces, hot stereotypes pieces, various precision instruments, medical tool, measuring packaging within lining, EVA within lining, EVA Neto, EVA tray, EVA packaging box, EVA shaped, EVA gasket, EVA feet pad, EVA tablets, EVA fitting, EVA paste, EVA toy, EVA tube, EVA rod, EVA hot, EVA cold pressure, EVA public Tsai, EVA stamping forming, products.
Our factory also can according to customer's requirements (such as: diameter and height, texture and density) to produce any other shape shaped EVA products.

Above is EVA, cartoon EVA, EVA fruit shape details of the package, if you EVA, cartoon EVA, EVA fruit shapes range in price, manufacturer, model, pictures have what questions, please contact us for microphone sponge packing boxes for the latest information.

EVA mask hats, EVA EVA EVA EVA EVA ball Keychain card EVA handle, handle box with EVA, EVA packing material: EVA foam, EVA mats, EVA foam, EVA foam, rough-EVA, antistatic EVA, conductivity EVA, PVC sponge voltage