Supply of semi-detached sleeves, headset sponge protective cover, headset sponge, headset sponge custom processing

Supply of semi-detached sleeves, headset sponge protective cover, headset sponge, headset sponge custom processing

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0233
  • The crowd: other
  • Origin: Shenzhen
Detailed description:

Our professional R & D headset cotton, digging holes earmuffs, fur earmuffs, leather jacket, microphone windscreen health, shaped sponge, cotton, sponge peak cotton and other products, with advanced equipment and experienced technical personnel, quality products, preferential prices and sincere service to developing domestic and foreign markets. Companies adhering to the 'customer first, forge ahead' business philosophy, adhere to the 'customer first, quality first' principle to provide our clients with quality service! This product is made of high quality fine foam, delicate soft, elastic shrinkage of good, there are micro shut results, the headset must be the best partner! is widely used in aircraft, mobile phones, microphone, recording rooms, Internet computer, MP3, MP4, video machines, machine learning and other headset accessories.

Sponge sets of action:
a, non-slip, no ear cotton ear headphones from falling easily, wear is not solid.
b, to prevent sound leakage to fully enjoy the sound from headphones
c, to prevent the resonance between the ear shell and ear bones, ears, mouth due to ease discomfort caused by long-term wearing headphones.
2, do not look at it inconspicuous, but the role can not be ignored. Some lack bass headphones is one of its shortcomings, no ear cotton, feels relatively high treble, bass a little empty, and there is the phenomenon of sound leakage. Plus After cotton ear bass become very real, sound leakage phenomenon is also gone, high school appear to be more balanced low frequency. So if the feeling is not good enough bass headphones friends, listening to music, do not forget your earplugs equipment ear cotton, it adds balance to your love machine, to bring you a better bass performance.

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