Supply and processing forming various low density foam lining, call to order a variety of shapes sponge lining

Supply and processing forming various low density foam lining, call to order a variety of shapes sponge lining

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-1157
Detailed description:

Packaging foam is mainly used for packaging, sofa, furniture, clothing and other industries. Used for insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, and other functions.
Packaging foam is environmentally friendly materials are suitable for high-end products within the packaging cushion shock absorption for protection. Antistatic sponge for electronic products, chip play sponge general protective effect, but also has anti-static effect, protecting electronic products from electrostatic damage
Packing sponge feel fine, strong resilience, sustainable use of easily deformed, cut flat. Packaging foam products for all walks of life played insulation, sealing, shock, dust, filling, noise, fixed and landscaping. Packing sponge applicable on all telephones, cell phones, computers, cosmetics gifts, speakers, toys, televisions, lighting, lithium-ion batteries, car tape recorders, gift boxes and other ancillary products, product size, color, shape and quality in full compliance with customer demand, welcome calls to sample or telex drawings negotiations.

I plant specializing in the production of various types of buffer, shockproof sponge and foam packaging according to their characteristics and role can be divided: Positioning packaging, anti-static, conductive sponge and foam packaging; high density and high elasticity, density, color, surface flocking, flat, shaped, gifts crafts, and other packaging equipment earthquake, buffer type products product performance and specifications can be adjusted according to actual and cutting products used: hardware, electronics, toys, ceramics, cosmetics, handicrafts , glass products, precision instruments, automobile, steel, large equipment and other products and industries. Our factory has a sound management system and professional equipment and employees are welcome to inquire and negotiate!