Rip 75-0 serves international rubber foam | HCM75-0 Foam | 75-0 Foam Price

Rip 75-0 serves international rubber foam | HCM75-0 Foam | 75-0 Foam Price

Product description:

Brand: International Rip Model: 75-0
Detailed description:

Material EPDM rectangular cross-sectional shape
Scope cars, windows, appliances, bearings, pumps nature of the high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and abrasion
Role holes are sealed is imported
International brand Rip model EPDM71-42
Thickness 0.4-60 (mm) Sample or spot Sample
Whether standard parts Standard Parts Temperature -40-120 (℃)

HCM Group is a closed-cell foam rubber industry leader, its shareholders from France, Germany and Italy of rubber processing enterprises, which manufacture and sell finished and semi-finished foam, used in a variety of fields including automobiles.

Product Coverage: Hardness: (Shore 00) from 15-80.

Density range: from 75kg / m3 to 500kg / m3.

Compression spring rate (25%): From 10kPa to 500kPa.

Temperature: 150 ℃.

Special nature and quality: to meet the special requirements of the automotive industry, such as: fire-retardant materials, low fogging materials, sulfur-free materials.

Product Specifications:. 2000 * 1000 * 60mm or 65mm, 1600 * 1000 * 62.5mm and other specifications Dongtai foam company has a large number of professional and technical personnel and advanced equipment, can provide you with HCM imported chloroprene rubber foam France (CR) and EPDM foam rubber (EPDM), may hospitality sectional slices, bonding into a roll, slitting, adhesive, die-molding and other services which cross the thinnest slice up 0.4MM, as most peers ! Our factory have halogen-free CR neoprene foam inventory, when the world single-day shipping. all our efforts, only to customer satisfaction! HCM company foam