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Supply color embossed sponge rubber tube, fire-retardant foam rubber tube, shaped sponge rubber tube

Supply color embossed sponge rubber tube, fire-retardant foam rubber tube, shaped sponge rubber tube
  • Supply color embossed sponge rubber tube, fire-retardant foam rubber tube, shaped sponge rubber tube
Product code: 23022200001
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Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0812
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  • Origin: Shenzhen
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Detailed description:

Seismic performance rubber insulation tubes have a high elasticity, which can minimize the chilled water and hot water pipes in the course of the vibration and resonance.
Flexibility performance rubber insulation tubes have good flexibility and toughness, easy to handle construction of curved and irregular pipeline, and can save labor and material.
Easy installation, beautiful appearance of this product rich softness, easy to install and convenient pipe installation: Installation can be put back together, may also be present pipe cut lengthwise and then bonded with aluminum foil tape valve, tee. elbow and other complex components can be sheet after cutting, according to the different shapes package bonding, ensure the rigor of the entire system, thus ensuring the insulation of the entire system. because this material has the appearance of smooth rubber, as well as its own excellent performance, without an additional vapor barrier, protective layer, reducing the construction of trouble, but also to ensure that the appearance and smooth. When the equipment or pipeline maintenance, stripped down of this material can be reused, the same performance.
Other advantages of rubber pipe insulation is very safe to use, not only does not irritate the skin, it will not harm health. They can prevent mold growth, prevent insects or rat bite, and acid and alkali, superior performance. These properties make Huamei become ideal protection pipe insulation to prevent them due to atmospheric medium or industrial environments subject to corrosion.
The basic definition: Rubber insulation board completely closed cell structure with low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect lasting; material and water vapor completely isolated, non-absorbent, non-condensing, long life, through SGS test, in fact, the measured value is far below the EU non-toxic substances standard value, use health and safety; look soft and beautiful, easy to bend, convenient construction, and without other auxiliary.
`Closed bubble structure can effectively prevent heat conduction
`Thermal conductivity at 0 ° C does not exceed 0.034W / m`k.
`Surface heat transfer coefficient high, reaching 9W / m2k
`Excellent resistance to water vapor permeability dampness μ≥5000 constitute 'built' water vapor barrier, insulation board as a whole so that both insulation and moisture-proof layer.
`Fire performance good oxygen index of 32 or more
`Quick and easy installation
`Does not contain CFC, HFC or HCFC and other fluorocarbon material does not contain formaldehyde, dust and fibers
FUERDA rubber insulation board has excellent fire performance, temperature range of -50 ℃ to 110 ℃
`Central air conditioning system refrigeration units and equipment
`Frozen water pipes
`Condensate pipe
`Ducts and hot water pipes
Specifications Model
Rubber sheets (1 meter wide) thickness 10mm 13mm 15mm 18mm 20mm 23mm 25mm 28mm 30mm
M / piece 20m 20m 20m 10m 10m 10m 10m 10m 10m
Sheet thickness of 13mm, 18mm, 23mm, 28mm