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Supply sponge fireproof lining, fireproof sponge gaskets, fireproof foam separator

Supply sponge fireproof lining, fireproof sponge gaskets, fireproof foam separator
  • Supply sponge fireproof lining, fireproof sponge gaskets, fireproof foam separator
Product code: 23021000001
Unit price: 5.5 CNY  (0.8 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0206
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  • Origin: Shenzhen
Detailed description:

Shenzhen fire sponge, preferred Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. Long-term supply fire sponge: Fire Miandian through the world sponge absorbing sponge, EVA pad, and other supply fire sponge: sponge peak sponge sound-absorbing, high density fire foam sponge and other supply fire sponge: fire sound-absorbing sponge peak cotton Honggang paper, PVC surface mats and other supply fire sponge: barley paper sound-absorbing sponge, EVA lining, protective film supply fire sponge: insulating sheet crest sponge absorbing sponge, 3M Ottomans, PET and other products. Major production and processing earthquake Materials Fireproof Materials anti-static materials, dust-proof materials, sound-absorbing, sound insulation materials, conductive materials, insulation materials, electronics factory over the years with excellent support materials . The production equipment high-quality professionals and modern management methods prudent management style exchange costs the company a high level of quality products and services Heart welcome customers to negotiate the company's website is:! http: //xhhb.izhisou.com
Our material has excellent mechanical properties: the cell with a meticulous uniform and feel comfortable; all kinds of density and weight, high tensile strength, good ductility; insulation, good sound effects; good shock absorption and resilience . other excellent performance and durable, long life; biodegradable recovery, is a better environmental polymer materials can be widely applied in the travel industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, packaging industry, construction, electronics industries.
Founded ten years, customer demand for the ultimate service goal, to quality-oriented to quality requirements of ISO9000 production management and quality management, and strive to create a good atmosphere of cooperation QCDS round, won the trust of many businesses.
Price, professional-class service! Sincerely we look forward to our win-win cooperation!
With strict quality control and constantly develop new products spirit and dedication to customer service.
For more information contact welcome friends and co-develop new products and projects !!

Services: Shenzhen fire sponge

Service Description
The company has a senior professional engineer team, all trained production technology professional training in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions in south China, east, north, southeast and other regions at home and abroad long been engaged in large-scale professional product manufacturers technical guidance, mechanical principles and the development of deep processing of finished products and market development; strong technical force, the strength of enterprises we will provide the best fit and service.
Company processing plant has the most advanced imported large disc machine, cutting machine, straight cutting machines and wave cutting machine, contour cutting machine, thermoforming machines, presses, etc., can meet the needs of a variety of shapes and sizes of products can be as providing customers with plastic molding, compression molding, cutting, open waves, shavings, gum, punching molding, flame compound, pressing compound, embossed, and other products processing.
The main products are
1. Earthquake stickers series: EVA pad, 3M rubber mats, rubber, sponge rubber, Korea PORON pad, PE, PS bottle pad, sponge cushion, foam pads, 3M Ottomans back of the plastic, PORON pad
2, anti-static / conductive series: conductive EVA, anti-static EVA, anti-static PE, anti-static cloth.
3, dust filter Series: dust net (cloth), flannel (paper), sheep blankets, non-woven, mesh cloth, filter, coarse filter cotton hole.
4, fire, noise sponge Series: sound-absorbing cotton, cotton insulation, cotton cameras, fire cotton, cotton filters, cotton, activated carbon cotton.
5, ornament series: Color EVA, colored velvet paper, foam sheathing, EPE aircraft.
6 Insulation: insulating film / paper; mica sheet, fast Palestinian paper, kraft paper, highland barley paper, NOMEX paper, copper, aluminum foil, conductive shielding materials;
7 import / ordinary double-sided adhesive: (US 3M models: 9448957090804674689420, SONYT4000.
SONYG9000, NITTD500, NITTD5000NS, DS50, et al: Nitto tape has: T500, T5000, T5000NS etc.)