Supply slow rebound memory foam pads breathable, blue slow rebound memory foam gaskets

Supply slow rebound memory foam pads breathable, blue slow rebound memory foam gaskets

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: 0902
Detailed description:

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of space sponges | low rebound sponge | inert sponges.
Slow rebound Series Description: slow rebound memory foam is also called, is an open cell structure, with Bestch properties can also be referred to as a warm sense of relief materials, according to the needs of customers, processing into a variety of specifications, shape and density of memory foam, but also according to the customer to sample production. Annual production of the slow rebound pillows, pillow, cushions, mattresses, cushions, etc. are mainly exported to Japan, Europe and other markets The inert, memory, easily deformed, feel comfortable, and other characteristics.

Memory foam pillow features:

1. absorb the impact, I feel like floating in the water or cloud pillow top, the skin did not feel like oppression; also known as zero-pressure, sometimes we use when there is oppression auricular phenomenon usual pillow, but with slow rebound Pillows will not happen.

2. In accordance with ergonomic design, memory distortion, the ability to automatically modeling can be fixed to the skull, reduce stiff neck may be; the ability to automatically modeling can properly fill the gap shoulder, avoid shoulders blanket leakage of Frequently Asked Questions can be effective in preventing cervical problem.

3. The anti-bacterial anti-mite, memory foam inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew growth and reproduction rid pungent odor generated when the perspiration saliva, etc., becomes more prominent.

4. breathable moisture, since between each cell unit is interconnected, excellent moisture absorption, but also breathable. In the decades after the self decomposition, do not cause any environmental pollution, is recognized as the world's green materials.

The material was operating table medical profession, cervical spine decompression treatment, rehabilitation and other widely used in the field of sports. Practice has proved that the products made from this material, which can effectively prevent cervical disease workers and the elderly.
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