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Chest wrapped in nude lace Nightgown lace sexy lingerie T-BACK SUIT

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Last update date:2014/02/03
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Product description:

Lace wrapped chest bare empty pajamas lace sexy lingerie T-BACK SUIT

This is a perfect gift for your lover, friends or a gift to pamper yourself.

Condition: brand new
Size: Free one size
color: black; white; pink; purple; red
Bust (32' -36 ') ,waist (22' -30 ')
One size, suit for most women. Fits US size S to M (generally use adjustable design or high quality fabric which can be easily stretched)

Soft fabric; good quality; fine workmanship; very good elasticity; comfortable wearing

Washing Notes: Hand Wash, water temperature must be lower than 40 ℃; Do not rub hard, do not bleach or iron; hang till dry.

Three pajamas lace wrapped chest

Package includes:
• Size: Increase Size Asian Size: .Suitable for 99% of the women.
• Product Material: Knitting spandex mesh
• Colour: Red ; purple ; black ; white ; pink
• Product Specifications: Bust 32-36 (China estimates Units: About 86CM) Inches.
Comes with thong , waist 22-30 (China estimates Units: About 63CM) Inch

Commercial Property
Weight 200g
Volume 30x20x5CM