Supply shock wave sponge cushion lined box top protective wave sponge gaskets, custom wave sponge

Supply shock wave sponge cushion lined box top protective wave sponge gaskets, custom wave sponge

Product description:

Brands: Dongtai sponge Model: DT-0292
Detailed description:

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing wave sponge, bump sponge, the peak wave sponge sponge etc. Features:
(1) a high absorbing
(2) Good insulation
(4) compact, stable shape.
(5) very light weight, safe and convenient construction
(6) harmless, environmental pollution, odorless
(7) Water, water-flooding back strong, sound-absorbing performance does not drop, the same shape.
(8) can be secondary use, destruction is easy, no secondary pollution to the environment.
(9) a melting point of 250 degrees (Celsius)
(10) Specifications: 2000 * 1000 * 35/50 (mm), it can also be customized according to customer requirements.

For HOS supplies, automotive, speakers, studio, audition room, KTV nightclub. Play acoustic, noise and beautifying effect.

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in the production of foam packaging, foam lined packaging, protective foam packaging, sponges reported price and so on! Cushion packaging design, packaging design size, buffer (shock) package design, reduced sponge lined packaging , electrical box inside computer shockproof cushion packaging foam pearl cotton moisture tray antistatic packaging, TV shockproof packaging design / TV packaging sponge / display shatterproof packaging, shock-proof design, instrument shockproof packaging design, electrical shock sponge packaging

EVA PU foam sponge lined packaging, pu sponge packaging, pu sponge liner
Packaging wholesale lighting lamps shatterproof lamps shatterproof shatterproof packaging manufacturers packaging supply
Sponge leather earmuffs / Larry sponge sets / microphone sets

According to their characteristics and role can be divided into: a molding positioning packaging, forming anti-static, forming a shape conductive sponge and foam packaging; high density and high elasticity, density, color, surface flocking, flat, shaped, gifts crafts , equipment, etc. shockproof packaging, cushioning, a molding foam lining, packing foam molding, a molding shaped sponge, forming sponge holder, a molding foam tray, a molding foam packaging, forming sponge series products.
Applies to all telephones, cell phones, computers, cosmetics gifts, speakers, toys, televisions, lighting, lithium-ion batteries, car tape recorders, gift boxes and other ancillary products, product size, color, shape and quality in full compliance with customer demand, welcome calls to negotiate or telex drawings