Supply Dongtai sponge sponge DT-70 projectiles with scouring pad

Supply Dongtai sponge sponge DT-70 projectiles with scouring pad

Product description:

Brands : Dongtai sponge Model : DT-70
Detailed description:

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in supply all kinds of sea projectiles : This material is soft and elastic, feel good, hardness can be adjusted any color and pore size can be customized .

Sponge column can be divided into sponge projectile according to their characteristics and role, sponge stick, sponge column, bottle塞海cotton

To warm the pipe cleaning sponge projectile launchers utilizing a pipe inner diameter greater than a certain standard of special projectiles to the pipeline, so that the projectile along the line the inner wall of the high-speed motion and with the full line of friction, to clean the pipe wall dry physical cleaning technology that by 90 degrees, T, ring, U-shaped, serpentine bends and other complex multi- path, and can effectively remove geothermal coil calcium and magnesium ions inside the dirt and biological slime and other residual impurities, pipeline embolization easily solve the problem. and repeated use of more than 15 times as long as no serious damage, they can be used repeatedly .

In addition, I plant is also available upon request: Any shape shaped sponge production of other products (such as diameter and height, texture and density).