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Authentic ceramic Tea Cup and saucer position shock-proof foam packaging liner

Authentic ceramic Tea Cup and saucer position shock-proof foam packaging liner
  • Authentic ceramic Tea Cup and saucer position shock-proof foam packaging liner
Product code: 23008100001
Unit price: 21-22 CNY
Reference price: 3.06-3.21 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Color: black gray Printing: Specification: according to customer requirements
Thickness: 10-100 (mm) Density: 35 (g/cm3) Material: sponge
Customized processing: Yes

Dong sponge, Ltd specializes in producing all kinds of sponge lining: smooth, with strong resilience and sustainable use difficult to deformation, cutting and smooth.
Foam lining on all walks of life products to insulation, sealing, shockproof, dustproof, filling, insulation, fix and beautify.

Sponge within lining according to its characteristics and role can is divided into: packaging sponge within lining, easy broken products earthquake packaging within lining, glass earthquake sponge packaging within lining, wine class packaging sponge within lining, high back play sponge within lining, slow back play sponge within lining fire sponge within lining, sponge forming within lining, earthquake sponge within lining, high-density sponge within lining, noise packaging sponge within lining, wave packaging sponge within lining, pulp cotton, anti-electrostatic packaging sponge within lining, filter sponge packaging within lining, shaped packaging sponge within lining, color packaging sponge within lining, electronic products earthquake packaging within lining Instruments and shock-proof foam packaging, eyewear packaging structure of sponge, lighting glass crystal foam packaging, bags, foam liner, cosmetic sponges packaging lined microphone sponges packaging protection, mobile phone packaging foam liners, ring foam packaging, jewellery sponges packaging structure, Toolbox foam orientation package.

Packaging foam lining for all phone, mobile phone, computer, cosmetic gifts, speakers, toys, TVs, lamps, lithium-ion batteries, car radio cassette recorders, gift boxes and other related products, product size, color, shape and quality in accordance with customer needs, welcome to kind of call or fax the drawings to negotiate!

Our factory also can according to customer's requirements (such as: diameter and height, texture and density) to produce any other shape shaped sponge products.

These are package liners, high bounce foam lining, slow rebound foam lined with fireproof foam lining for more information, if you are on a high resilient foam lining, slow rebound foam lining foam lining price, manufacturer, model, pictures have what questions, please contact us for the latest information on related products.