Supply activated carbon filter sponge, sponge black, with black sponge, custom production of activated carbon sponges

Supply activated carbon filter sponge, sponge black, with black sponge, custom production of activated carbon sponges

Product description:

Features: Color sponges Manufacturer / Place of origin: Shenzhen Source: Foam sponge
Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: PORON foam Purpose: filter sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

What is activated carbon?
Activated carbon and diamond, graphite, is a carbon element allotropy line body, a form of elemental carbon, a honeycomb structure, there are many small crystals, the mechanism of adsorption, because of its specific surface area is large, there are many voids, pores, it has a strong adsorption capacity, can absorb dye, toxic gases and toxic substances, for bleaching, water purification, gas can be desorbed by heating.

Activated carbon, usually with bamboo, wood, fruit and other carbonaceous material as raw material, in the case of absence of air heated to high temperatures, and continue to pass into the vapor, after removal of the decomposition of water gas, wood tar and other organic matter obtained.

What feels like activated carbon?
A: ordinary activated carbon is the result of a special firing process of a multi-aperture carbonized substance, a very rich pore structure and huge surface area.

Can absorb odors and harmful gases, but can not break down. We also have individual models Malata with activated carbon, but we have adopted is the result of catalytic activated carbon special treatment, not only has good physical adsorption, also with catalytic of pollutants decomposition, not a secondary pollution. (with photocatalytic less than or there is a long period of time or to replace, no photocatalytic function NA me fully.)
Activated carbon has a very important physical properties that have adsorption.

Product Description:

Activated carbon sponge / foam is superior adsorption properties of coconut shell activated carbon powder was immersed in the polyurethane foam, and bonded into a sheet with the adsorbent. The use of porous urethane, and therefore have superior permeability and morphology stability. Because it is powdered activated carbon with adsorbed material contact each other, the contact area width, absorption speed, quick. And with the ordinary urethane dust collection with equally good results.