Color absorbent sponge, absorbing sponge tensile, abrasion -absorbent sponge

Color absorbent sponge, absorbing sponge tensile, abrasion -absorbent sponge

Product description:

Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / origin: Dongtai sponge Source : Foam sponge
Density : 30 (g / cm3) Material : PVA sponge Use: Clean, bath sponge
Implementation of quality standards : SGS ROHS

PVA absorbent sponge - primarily for automotive glass processing plant and circuit board cleaning equipment.
1. The absorbent sponge Features: Sponge good elasticity, water absorption 8-10 times ( weight ), not a plastic, not the dregs, good solvent and weak acid-base properties, apparent soft white, with a special anti-mildew treatment, 6 the month will not mildew domestic R & D production quality far below the high price of imports of similar products can greatly reduce production costs.
2. Quality level : Our PVA production technologies and processes and management models are imported from Taiwan, the main raw material polyvinyl alcohol from Japan, imported from Taiwan, the current level of product quality in a leading position in the Chinese mainland, can replace similar imported products directly .
3. PVA sponge Specifications : (all sizes can be customized) diameter range to produce products : R 20- 300mm length to produce products :?? L 0-2500mm