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Supply soundproof classrooms protective sponge, absorbing sponge wave bump protection, the peak noise sponge

Supply soundproof classrooms protective sponge, absorbing sponge wave bump protection, the peak noise sponge
  • Supply soundproof classrooms protective sponge, absorbing sponge wave bump protection, the peak noise sponge
Product code: 23002400001
Unit price: 55 CNY  (8.01 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Features: Shape sponge Manufacturer / Place of origin: Shenzhen Source: Foam sponge
Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: PORON foam Uses: sound-absorbing sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Dear customers Hello absorbing cotton performance characteristics: (1) sound-absorbing rate (2) good heat insulation (3) flame retardant grade B1 level (4) compact, stable shape (5) is very light weight, construction safety. convenient (6) harmless, environmental pollution, odorless (7) Water, water-flooding back strong, sound-absorbing performance does not drop, shape unchanged. (8) can be secondary use, destruction is easy on the environment no secondary pollution. (9) a melting point of 250 degrees (Celsius)
Pyramid sound-absorbing sponge is processed from green trimeric amine foam made with a unique combination of performance acoustic, thermal insulation, fire-retardant, high temperature, light, etc. In architectural decoration, transportation vehicles, water vessels, aerospace, electrical and mechanical equipment, Industrial acoustic insulation, and other fields widely use sound-absorbing sponge is divided into the following categories:
Edit this paragraph 1 of the pyramid sound-absorbing cotton pyramid sound-absorbing cotton with beautiful shape and good acoustic properties. Based on this design, the pyramid sound-absorbing cotton enhanced its installation feature, which provides a minimal amount of seams. This allows post-installation more beautiful at the same time due to its pyramid shape, it provides a little extra diffusion, can sound more dynamic.
Edit this paragraph 2 wedge wedge absorbing sponge absorbing cotton sound-absorbing cotton is an important component part of it and other products together can form a broadband absorber, scalable combination regimen can be allowed to be sufficient to cope with various sizes of various species space, such as recording studios, control room, listening room, studio, home theater, classrooms, multi-purpose hall and so on.
Edit this paragraph 3 unique shape crest crest absorbing sponge absorbing sponge, used in the noise reduction. It is very strong ability to absorb high frequencies can also be used for acoustic treatment, and require a higher playback room, such as the control room, mixing chamber, listening room, home theater, etc. crest absorbing sponge is also often used in precision instruments, electronic equipment packaging as packaging cushion, it is a good buffer vibration, protective equipment, and fire-retardant properties, also make the instrument more secure.
Edit this paragraph 4 Gifts absorbing sponge flat appearance is different from the above three, the program is designed for indoor acoustics. It can be arbitrary combinations of other products, in the form of a wide band while absorbing body, but also created a beautiful and varied Appearance.
Edit this paragraph 5 speaker playback system damping pad speaker is the most important part. In a replay system, any vibration can change your voice. If the speaker vibration together with a table or shelf, it will make true voice is no longer accurate. This is the reason damping pad that appears when the speaker is used for cushioning between the speaker and stand, will immediately improve the accuracy of the playback system. At the same time, the speaker cushion to make your speakers and the horizontal plane a certain angle, so the front and rear speakers is not placed parallel to the wall, to a certain extent, reduce the generation of standing waves.