PU foam molding | custom processing of various PU foam | Shenzhen PU foam factory

PU foam molding | custom processing of various PU foam | Shenzhen PU foam factory

Product description:

Features: Shape sponge Manufacturer / origin: Dongtai sponge Source: Foam sponge
Density: 35 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Purpose: special sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS TSO9001 9002

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing a variety of shapes sponge / sponge pendant / PU sponge and so on.

Pu ball for playing on plastic venues short Pu polyurethane is a polyurethane, Pu resistant to twists and turns, good flexibility, tensile strength characteristics, but also has a breathable PU PVC no bread cake advantage: color fidelity , smooth, colorful, adorable, do not be discouraged, durable, good rebound, safe, soft comfortable products, the role of men and women ages PU bread cake:! is a new type of high-end toys, can be used for gifts, collectibles, decorations, gifts printable advertising ball, advertising purposes PU ball varieties:! a variety of styles of different products, such as PU ball (Supply PU golf, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis), The key ring, cell phone holder etc. PU ball selection: This product is exported to Europe and other countries, printable LOGO, etc., can request the production of custom size and weight, fast delivery pu toy! Price: Usually 1 dollar to Well over ten yuan range, see the size, look at the quality, look at the weight

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