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Supply custom-made production of sponge sleeves | Bluetooth headset sponge Price | Wireless sponge sleeves

Supply custom-made production of sponge sleeves | Bluetooth headset sponge Price | Wireless sponge sleeves
  • Supply custom-made production of sponge sleeves | Bluetooth headset sponge Price | Wireless sponge sleeves
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Features: stereotypes sponge Manufacturer / origin: Dongtai sponge Source: Foam sponge
Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Purpose: filter sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Specializing in the production of reticulated polyurethane foam sponge. (Polyether and polyester) Aperture (5ppi-120ppi), color (black, white, yellow, green, etc.), hardness and specifications of filter sponge sponge opening rate of over 99% and polyester sponge has excellent oil resistance, abrasion performance packaging is generally packed in plastic bags, other materials can be packaged according to customer's needs. Other special shape processing can be processed into a cylindrical, hollow, square, etc. on request molding and to OEM.
Product Process: In addition to the polyurethane mesh sponge blasting method film, not only has the advantage of the general mesh sponge, but also has slight color change, opening rate, permeability, high compressive strength and have a permanently elastic characteristics.
Performance: good elasticity, tensile strength, dust fast, dust rate, low flow resistance, good ventilation performance, good chemical resistance and other properties can be cleaned, washed effect does not deteriorate.
This product is suitable for filter dust, pollen, airborne dust, water filtration, mechanical filtration equipment, speakers speakers, air filters, protective masks, Auto filters, dust-proof electrical cabinet, aquarium filters, oil filters, air conditioning and dust silencers, polished filtration, activated carbon filling areas, warmer and model making.
Note: Another provision obturator filtering sponges, sponge filter, fire-retardant foam filter, activated carbon filter sponge, photocatalytic filter sponge, cold catalyst filter sponge, sponge air filters, dust filter sponge, sponge ceramic filter, color filter sponge, sewage treatment filter sponge, clean the filter sponge, pore high-elastic sponge filter, coarse filter sponge, large filter sponge.
Shuangling sponge factory can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to the new and old customers like to inquire. Shuangling Sponge Factory is a collection development, production, processing in one enterprise, the factory has advanced sponge foam equipment, foam cutting equipment, sponge deep processing equipment, factory employees have many years of experience sponge production, processing, and other products with insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, cushioning, shock, dust, sealing, flame retardant, antistatic, conductive, air permeability, elastic properties, it relates to a variety of industries used in electronics, electrical appliances, precision instruments, toys, household necessities, handicrafts, ornaments, printing and packaging, cosmetics, sports / health care equipment, air filtration / purification, industrial machinery, construction, automotive industry, metallurgy, medicine, environmental protection, defense, instrumentation and so on.
Features: excellent weathering performance UV discoloration case
Superior chemical resistance properties of acid, alkali stable
In the high frequency region has excellent acoustic insulation properties
Excellent sealing, compression performance suitable for gaskets, sealing materials
Superior operability, workability
It does not occur toxic gases when burned
Do not use 'Freon foam pollution
Special for: Ordinary sponge (from 15-150 density), fine sponge (without any padding, foam evenly, superior tensile strength and elongation, etc.), fire-retardant foam (white, black, gray, blue various densities specifications ), mesh filter sponge (in various colors coarse pore size), special sponges (polyester type, polyether type, conductive and antistatic type), plus a hard sponge (the Principal of various hardness), high rebound sponge, super soft foam sponge, mold foam mold shaped sponge, deep processing of sponge, renewable sponge, sponge compound (flame composite, adhesive compound), sponge mattress (length and width dimensions of various thickness), rubber and sponge rubber ( from 15 to 80 times, a variety of colors, a variety of materials such as foam processing and stamping molding paste), the peak noise sponge silencer, medical packaging sponge factory has consistently adhered to the 'quality first, customer first, quality service, abide by the contract 'purpose, with high quality products, good reputation, high quality services, products sold nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. wholeheartedly with the domestic business win-win cooperation and common development, create brilliant!