Shock wave sponge cushion factory | custom machining wave sponge | sponge packaging Neto bump height

Shock wave sponge cushion factory | custom machining wave sponge | sponge packaging Neto bump height

Product description:

Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / origin: Dongtai sponge Source: Foam sponge
Density: 35 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Uses: Packing sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of insulation foam: soft, delicate, with strong resilience, sustainable use of easily deformed, cut flat.
Soundproofing foam products for all walks of life played insulation, sealing, shock, dust, filling, noise, fixed and landscaping.

Soundproof sponge can be divided according to their characteristics and effects: wave cotton, bump sponge, sponge gold peak
Soundproofing foam for automotive, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, refrigeration and cold storage and refrigeration engineering and so on;
Leavened skates, sports shoes, lining materials, sport insoles, bags back pad, surfboard, kneeling pad;
High-grade foam tape substrate products;
Freezer, cold construction, light roofs, construction and installation of insulation and other building materials;
Car seats, car interior, roof, floor mats, visor material;
Broad areas appliances, precision instruments, equipment and other electronic products shockproof cushion packaging and other automobile electronic components, air conditioning and refrigeration parts, refrigerator insulation materials, machinery and equipment sealing cushion, heat setting, all kinds of precision instruments, medical tools, measuring tools

In addition, I plant is also available upon request: Any shape shaped sponge production of other products (such as diameter and height, texture and density)
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