Custom foam packaging inside the box | Foam packaging process | Box with sponges Neto, sponge inside

Custom foam packaging inside the box | Foam packaging process | Box with sponges Neto, sponge inside

Product description:

Color: according to customer requirements Printing: Specification: according to customer requirements
Thickness: according to customer requirements (mm) Density: 30 (g/cm3) Material: sponge
Customized processing: Yes

Packaging foam is mainly used for packaging, the sofa, the protective packaging in the electronics industry, garment and other industries. Used for thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, shock absorption, and other functions.
Packaging foam is environmentally-friendly materials suitable to the shock of the protective effect of product packaging. Antistatic sponges for electronics, chip out of the protective effect of sponge also has antistatic effect, protects electronics from electrostatic damage
Packing sponge delicate touch, has a strong resilient, sustainable use difficult to deformation, cutting and smooth. Packing sponge on all walks of life products to insulation, sealing, shockproof, dustproof, filling, insulation, fix and beautify. Packaging foam for all phone, mobile phone, computer, cosmetic gifts, speakers, toys, TVs, lamps, lithium-ion batteries, car radio cassette recorders, gift boxes and other related products, product size, color, shape and quality in accordance with customer needs, welcome to kind of call or fax the drawings to negotiate
My plant specialized in the production of various types of cushioning, shock-proof packaging sponge and foam. According to their properties and functions can be divided into: positioning the packaging, antistatic, conductive packing foam and foam; High density high elasticity, low density, color, pile on the surface, flat, shaped, gifts and crafts, equipment such as packaging, shock, cushioning product. The properties and specifications of the products can be adjusted according to the actual need and cutting. Products used in: hardware, electronics, toys, ceramics, cosmetics, crafts, glass, precision instruments, automobiles, steel, heavy equipment and other products and industry. My factory has perfect management system, as well as professional equipment and employees, welcome to inquire and negotiate!

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