Compressed sponge column | compressed sponge tube | high-powered high elastic compression sponge molding factory

Compressed sponge column | compressed sponge tube | high-powered high elastic compression sponge molding factory

Product description:

color: white Printing: Yes Specifications: according to customer requirements
Thickness: 5-100 (mm) Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: Sponge
Custom processing:

Professional factory direct Shenzhen Dongtai sponge compressed sponge, black compressed sponge, audio compression seal sponge, various compression sponge, compressed sponge supply wrestling mats, a high density compressed foam, sponge and other various color compression.
Compressed sponge is a sponge from the usual hot pressing at high temperatures, so as to achieve the appropriate hardness, density, thickness, the compression ratio is not the same, hardness, density will be different, the higher the compression ratio, the greater the density, hardness more high.
Compressed sponge with different materials, different compression ratio of compression is made, according to different uses to choose different compression proportion of high-strength buffer, seismic capacity of new environmentally friendly foam material it is flexible, lightweight, flexible, bending to absorb and disperse external impact force, to cushion the effect, with insulation, moisture, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent use

Compressed sponge our best to produce 0.3MM thick book, the material available upon request and use may be, there are currently imported cotton (polyester sponge), domestic cotton (polyether sponge), products are mainly used in headphones, speaker accessories, electronic products, printing supplies, and so on, play acoustic, shock, dust, tuning and so on. Our full range of experience, uniform thickness, plus or minus a small tolerance, is the industry's most professional compressed sponge manufacturer.
These are compressed sponge, black compressed sponge, cotton details audio compression seal, if you compress the sponge, the sponge black compression, audio compression seal sponge, price, manufacturer, model, pictures have nay questions, please contact us for related products the latest information.

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