Color U-shaped tube sets EPE | customized production EPE EPE tube | EPE EPE pipe factory direct

Color U-shaped tube sets EPE | customized production EPE EPE tube | EPE EPE pipe factory direct

Product description:

Features: Shape sponge Manufacturer / origin: Dongtai sponge Source: Foam sponge
Density: 15 (g / cm3) Material: EPE (EPE) Uses: Packing sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing various specifications EPE EPE tube, EPE EPE rods, according to customer demand for a variety of specifications, materials, colors. This material is soft and elastic, feel good, you can adjust the firmness any color and pore size can be customized.

It is flexible, lightweight, flexible, bending to absorb and disperse external impact force, to cushion the effect, to overcome the ordinary foam rubber brittle deformation, the shortcomings of poor response, while EPE insulation, moisture, separated heat, noise, anti-friction, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent use. Join static agent pink EPE raw materials, has significant anti-static properties. EPE is also an eco-friendly materials can be recycled. EPE except for packaging, but also may be used for construction, electrical and mechanical engineering.
Good impact resistance and cushioning effects invariance, etc. advantages make it widely used in high-end furniture, household appliances, instruments, gifts, wood products, glass, ceramics, building waterproofing, carpet, laminated, noise, travel bags, precision zero accessories, all kinds of pipe insulation and other fields. Its tubes, rods used extensively for air conditioning, stroller, children's toys, furniture and other industries.

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