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Mianyang TV special sponge microphone sets

Mianyang TV special sponge microphone sets
  • Mianyang TV special sponge microphone sets
Product code: 22992600001
Unit price: 80 CNY  (11.63 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / Place of Origin: Shenzhen Source: Foam sponge
Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Purpose: special sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

The large number of companies developing a variety of efficacy of various sizes and various styles of headphones sponge cover, but also research and development microphone sets, microphone sets and other foam products, please call dwell!
Specifications: according to customer requirements
We are committed to producing a wholesale KTV, karaoke OK, KTV, audio, audio accessories, audio supplies, lighting and sound, U-shaped microphone sets, microphone sponge cover wind and other products, foam and all kinds of sponge products. U-type microphone sets to take the vacuum aseptic packaging, can effectively prevent disease and germs virus indirect spread, allowing users to feel warm and at ease, serve the dual effect of health and epidemic prevention and improve the quality of our proprietary technology and skim foam thermal dye technology, produced The products not only shape and clean, beautiful color, and the use of fragrant long plus let our products not only by many companies favor, and loved by the majority of customers.

We have a large-scale warehouse, warehouse provides us with a product storage space, our warehouse is managed using modern equipment to monitor, temperature and humidity on the automated adjustment, making our products are in color and quality, and many other adequate protection.
Our meticulous quality enterprises, export products, has a highly qualified quality inspectors abroad for our products to better product quality first hurdle. Our product is due to their presence, so it can be a salable, They are an essential part of business growth. first-class production line, first-class production technology, so that our products can have a better quality, lower costs, so we can be in a good quality lowest price for customers provision of goods. Our pursuit is not better, but the best! Through our continuous efforts to make our products more to show off!
U-shaped microphone sets of high quality sponge made of delicate soft, elastic shrinkage of good, there are micro shut results, the top side and is slightly thinner than the roots, permeability good quality assurance, take the vacuum aseptic packaging, which can effectively prevent disease and the spread of germs virus indirectly letting the user feel warm and at ease!

This product features:
A, U-shaped microphone sets hygienic and aseptic defend health.
Two, U-shaped microphone sets permeability caroling warranty true.
Three, U-shaped microphone sets the perfect measurements beautiful and easy to use, necking design to prevent loose, delicate soft, comfortable and elegant
The company recently developed a new product, the product can be printed on the customer required LOGO logo sponge microphone sets: Round sponge microphone sets, long-shaped sponge microphone sets, woven microphone sets, by many customers, we We will continue to provide you with better service and work. Your request is our goal! Let us work together for a better tomorrow and fight!
White Corporate Network we are not the best, the biggest, but those are our goals because you have it all the way to support Please believe us, give us the right choice for you | We produce brand;!!! OK card, HSBC plate | we can Valet processing all types of sponge processing machinery.
Wanted KTV special disposable non-woven, microphone sets, microphone cover, the sales agent for a wholesale KTV, karaoke City, karaoke rooms, Music Square, karaoke, entertainment, hotels and other entertainment venues, the national price lowest!