Xin Jia plug-in electric heating shoes warm feet treasure heating pads charging hot shoe boots slippers walking foot warmers

Xin Jia plug-in electric heating shoes warm feet treasure heating pads charging hot shoe boots slippers walking foot warmers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jia Xin
  • Model: S-168
  • Color Classification: upgrade duvets dark green on the 29th within 40 yards can wear point upgrade paragraph coffee within 29 upgrade section 41 yards to wear pink point within 39 yards to wear purple upgrade section point within 39 yards to wear blue dot upgrade section 30 within 43 yards can wear pink wear tendon at the end inside 26 36 yards
  • Hot water bottle type: Warm foot treasure
  • Heating mode: Plug-in
  • Suitable for: General

Ordinary shoes are more than this price, in the end feel at a loss, I believe you know!

Want full, the proposed self-purchase, electric heating shoes are all code, because it is sitting unplugged use, so the larger point is not related oh

This heating shoes just heated power, turn the switch plug heat can also unplug the power cord when wearing ordinary shoes, a dual-purpose shoes, than the market must put together two feet warm feet Bao more practical and more comfortable (Normal feet warm foot treasure two activities need not be put together), customer retention high, parents who do not hesitate oh ~

common problem:

About Size:

Pro heating shoes a color only one size, size description: 26 (34-36 yards for wear / 26 is 36 yards size) // 27 (34-39 yards for wear / is No. 27 is the size of 39 yards or less like 39 yards you can wear into) // 29 (for 39-41 yards wearing No. 29 is like 41 yards) // 30 suitable to wear 43 yards or less itself heating shoes sitting unplugged use, so as to use larger heating is not related, put together more than two feet warm feet treasure much better ~

Security How to:

Pro, the electric heating shoes is very safe, it is the floor heating in the middle layer of the sole position is heated by heating wire heat insulation, and upper and lower layers are insulated, you can safely wear products through professional certification test by the Chinese people's property Insurance company

How big do:

Electric heating shoes warm feet itself as used to be has been sitting unplugged use, it is recommended that nothing in itself is slightly larger sitting unplugged wear, you can usually walk home cotton slippers oh

It is charged:

Pro, electric heating shoes are hot plug, similar to electric blankets, power 10W * 2 rats unplug the power is not heated, but still retained the warmth of itself is warm shoes electric heating shoes, Unplugged very warm