White circular sponge pads | High density white tensile round sponge

White circular sponge pads | High density white tensile round sponge

Product description:

Color: white Printing: Specification: according to customer requirements
Thickness: 5-500 (mm) Density: 30 (g/cm3) Material: sponge
Customized processing: Yes

Shenzhen Dongtai sponge sponge is a professional production of a variety of white, round white sponge gasket, high density sponge, tensile sponge, and so on.

White stretch high density sponge gaskets
Features: smooth, strong elastic, durable deformation, cutting and smooth.
Sponge on all walks of life products to insulation, sealing, shockproof, dustproof, filling, insulation, fix and beautify.

Sponge tablets according to its characteristics and role can is divided into high-density sponge tablets, low density sponge tablets, high back play sponge tablets, color sponge tablets, earthquake sponge tablets, anti-electrostatic sponge tablets, fire sponge tablets, insulation sponge tablets, slow back play sponge tablets, seismic sponge tablets, packaging sponge tablets, sponge gasket, color sponge tablets, not deformation sponge tablets, mechanical with sponge tablets and so on.

Our factory also can according to customer requirement of sponge molding (such as diameter and height, texture and density) to produce any other shape shaped sponge products.

Above is a microphone sponge packing boxes for more information if your prices on microphone sponge packing boxes, manufacturer, model, pictures have what questions, please contact us for microphone sponge packing boxes for the latest information.