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PVA absorbent sponge column, PVA absorbent sponge stick, PVA absorbent sponge

PVA absorbent sponge column, PVA absorbent sponge stick, PVA absorbent sponge
  • PVA absorbent sponge column, PVA absorbent sponge stick, PVA absorbent sponge
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Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / Place of Origin: Shenzhen Source: Foam sponge
Density: 120 (g / cm3) Material: PVA sponge Use: Clean, bath sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of PVA absorbent sponge column, PVA absorbent sponge stick, PVA absorbent sponge and so on! PVA absorbent sponge roller strength PVA sponge is a polyvinyl alcohol as a raw material continuous pores of the porous body . pore diameter, porosity control freedom with the purpose of use, depending on the coloring can be arbitrary shape and processing choice of varieties. and excellent abrasion resistance. Whether industrial applications, life in general, both have a wide range of fields. PVA sponge no analogy strengths: continuous pores, about 90% of the volume of pores formed from PVA sponge, at first glance, like a solid-state block, but if you look at micro eye, which 90% of the volume of all holes (pores) of execution of the matrix. Department of a three-dimensional network structure. Each pore is completely continuous from. This one is the most important feature of PVA sponge structure, with many features. (hydrophilic) amazing absorbent, water retention capacity of PVA sponge and general methotrexate fat sponge nowhere, a high hydrophilic property, and micropores criss capillary phenomenon, plays superior absorbent, water retention A contact with moisture, the high-speed adsorption, stored in cotton inside. (softness) soft-touch It will not scratch the wet softness, flexibility, and in particular will not hurt the surface of the object as cleaning materials and cleaning materials whose soft features are widely used in industrial applications hardness, silica films such as cleaning. General Life vehicle maintenance, cosmetic puff, sponge supplies and other fields purposes. humidifying, coating, water-based and water based soft PVA sponge structure having continuous pores is formed by a roll sponge having superior water absorption, water holding capacity of the circuit boards, glass , printed circuit board production line of absorbent, film, paper humidification, coating, process rationalization, energy conservation, improve the working environment has a special contribution to the main purposes:. (a) water: plate glass, curved glass, printed circuit boards leadframe, automotive carpets, tires, food packaging materials, etc. (B) wet coating: the preparation of water-soluble paper tape and film, anti-static coating wear wash with a sponge material has excellent material Super portion protruding surface wear and soft combination, do not hurt precision parts easily scratched, and dust particles can be removed smiling, high potency decontamination wash main purposes: hard disk (aluminum, glass), silica films, radiation tablets, liquid crystal glass!