Low sales spot punch 120KG pure white renewable sponge 10-15mm per

Low sales spot punch 120KG pure white renewable sponge 10-15mm per

Product description:

Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / Place of Origin: Shenzhen Source: renewable sponge
Density: 120 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Purpose: mattress foam
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Division I is a professional production of renewable sponge clothing hot Taiwan sponge manufacturer, using the most advanced sponge regeneration technology, combined with unique I plant production process so that the products of clothing hot Taiwan sponge has a high temperature, good ventilation, good flexibility easy to loose and other characteristics, as compared to the traditional process of production out of the regenerated cotton whether the pungent smell, not sticky quality pure cotton, etc. Major sell renewable sponge, hot cotton, cotton shoe product quality and cheap. The company produces renewable cotton is mainly used for exports of finished products, clothing ironing table, sofa cushions, sports equipment and other purposes.

Hot This product has breathable, durable, anti-shrinkage, temperature and other characteristics, can be processed into a variety of quality, size, thickness, color according to the different needs of customers can be punched, conformable suitable for a variety of shapes Taiwan, hot arm.

Specifications: 150 * 80 * 1 cm

Color: white color black white

Density: 120 density renewable sponge particles

Packing: Plastic bag + 30 a pack

Shipping: 5 more free