Customized production of various sizes of rubber handles | Rubber Grips | sponge rubber factory

Customized production of various sizes of rubber handles | Rubber Grips | sponge rubber factory

Product description:

Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / Place of Origin: Shenzhen Source: rubber sponge
Density: 35 (g / cm3) Material: SBR foam Purpose: special sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen Dongtai sponge factory direct sales of bicycle handle, hammer handle, grip handle sets, rubber handle covers.

Features: non-slip soft absorbent rough to the touch, handle sets additional introduction of foreign advanced technology and automated production lines, using high-quality PVC nitrile rubber (NBR-PVC) as the main materials, mixing, mixing, continuous extruder, heating foaming, cooling marking cut is made with high elasticity, which can minimize the chilled water and hot water pipes in the course of the vibration and resonance, because the handle sets the product-rich softness , easy to install and convenient pipe installation: After installation can be put together, this tube can also be cut lengthwise and then bonded with glue of valves, tees, elbows and other complex components can be sheet metal cutting, press different shapes package bonding, ensure tightness of the entire system, thus ensuring the insulation of the entire system. because this material has the appearance of smooth rubber, as well as its own excellent performance, without an additional vapor barrier protection layer, reducing the construction of the trouble, but also to ensure appearance, flat non-slip rubber handle rough water soft touch, handle sets widespread use, handle sets commonly used in bicycle handle sets, rope skipping handle sets, fitness equipment glove sets, mechanical heat shock non-slip handle sets and other industries.
Rubber handle sets when equipment or pipeline maintenance, the stripping down of the material can be reused, the same performance using it is very safe, neither irritate the skin, will not harm health. They can prevent mold growth, avoid pests or rat bite, and acid and alkali, superior performance.

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