Shenzhen fire sponge factory | fire retardant foam | fire rating HF-2 fire sponges

Shenzhen fire sponge factory | fire retardant foam | fire rating HF-2 fire sponges

Product description:

Features: stereotypes sponge Manufacturer / Place of origin: Shenzhen Source: Foam sponge
Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Uses: Flame retardant (fire) sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen Dongtai sponge sponge professional production and processing of electronic blasting / blasting filter sponges.
product manual:
(Polyether and polyester filter sponge) Aperture (8ppi-90ppi), Any color, hardness Any filtering sponges Sponge opening rate of over 96%, and polyester sponge has excellent oil resistance, abrasion performance Packaging is usually packed in plastic bags, other materials can be packaged according to customer demand. can be processed into a cylinder.
Process: In addition to the polyurethane mesh sponge blasting method film, not only has the advantage of the general mesh sponge, but also has slight color change, opening rate, permeability, high compressive strength and have a permanently elastic characteristics.
This product is suitable for stereo, speakers, filtration equipment, aquarium, protective masks, cars, air conditioners, highly breathable cushions, mattresses, scrubbing supplies, model making, activated carbon filling, heater and other industries.
Performance: good elasticity, tensile strength, dust fast, dust rate, low flow resistance, good ventilation performance, can be cleaned, washed effect does not deteriorate.
Usage: filter dust, pollen, airborne dust, water filtration, oil filter, scrub and model making.
These are the details of electronic blasting sponge / filter sponge blasting, if you are an electronic blasting sponge / blasting filter sponge, price, manufacturer, model, pictures have nay questions, please contact us for the latest information and electronic blasting sponge / filter sponge blasting .