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Yatemao | high-quality thickening of the month hat on the spring and autumn must-have | pregnant women postpartum hat maternal supplies

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yate Mao
  • Item: Month hat
  • Color classification: 0011 lucky blue M code yard hats 0011 warm yellow M code yard cap 0011 romantic pink M yardage hat 0011 lucky blue L yardage hat 0011 warm yellow L yard hats 0011 romantic pink L code Moon Deck 012 Blue Velvet Moon Cap - One Size 012 Yellow Velvet Moon Cap - One Size 012 Pink Velvet Moon Cap - One Size 0088 Plus Velvet Thicker Moon Cap Pink - One Size
  • Cap circumference: all code
  • Hat type: cap cap
  • Hat style: other
  • Material: Others
  • Popular elements: flowers

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Why postpartum with a child on the hat?

After the birth of a woman frail woman Vulnerable to cold!

If this time by the cold will be bone, down the root cause.

Bring it! When discharged, you can prevent your head from blowing to the wind!

Weather is cold or confinement in the summer air conditioning, you need to bring it!