High density sponge | No deformation of high density sponge | Highly resilient high density sponge factory

High density sponge | No deformation of high density sponge | Highly resilient high density sponge factory

Product description:

Features: high resilience foam Manufacturer/origin: Shenzhen Dongtai sponge Source: foam sponge
Density: 35 (g/cm3) Material: PU sponge Application: packing sponge
Implement quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen East sponge, Ltd specializes in producing all kinds of high resilient foam: this material is light, soft and flexible, its beautiful appearance, very smooth, with sound insulation, shockproof, impact effect, can effectively protect your products during transportation, force is extrusion collisions under good protection, so your products are not damaged.
High density foam, packaging foam can be cut according to customer requirements, cutting, stamping, posted with different specifications, different shapes of products.
High resilience foam, packaging foam for packaging range: Electronics, medical instruments, crafts and gifts, some precious products such as glass-ceramic packages.

High resilient foam according to their properties and functions can be divided into:
High elastic sponge packaging structure, shock-proof foam, high bounce foam shock.
High back play fire sponge earthquake, noise sponge, high back play wave earthquake sponge forming, pulp cotton forming, high back play anti-electrostatic earthquake sponge, filter sponge earthquake forming, shaped sponge earthquake forming, color earthquake sponge, high back play sponge column, high back play sponge shot play, high back play sponge rod, high back play sponge ball, high back play sponge within lining, high back play sponge tray forming, high back play sponge within supporting forming, high back play sponge tablets, high back play sponge article, high back play sponge toy, high back play sponge tube, high back play posted velvet sponge, High resilient foam positioning package, seismic sponge high resilience, high bounce foam coating, high rebound compression sponge, high resilient car wash sponge, cleaning cloth, sponge

High resilient foam is applied to all phone, mobile phone, computer, cosmetic gifts, speakers, toys, TVs, lamps, lithium-ion batteries, car radio cassette recorders, gift boxes and other businesses supporting the product, product size, color, shape and quality in accordance with customer needs, welcome to kind of call or fax the drawings to negotiate

Our factory also can according to customer's requirements (such as: diameter and height, texture and density) to produce any other shape shaped sponge products
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