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PVA sponge factory | PVA sponge manufacturer of custom molded shapes

PVA sponge factory | PVA sponge manufacturer of custom molded shapes
  • PVA sponge factory | PVA sponge manufacturer of custom molded shapes
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Color: Color Printing: Yes Specifications: according to customer requirements
Thickness: 5-100 (mm) Density: 120 (g / cm3) Material: PVA
Custom processing:

PVA sponge nature: polyvinyl formal polyvinyl alcohol and formaldehyde condensates, white or slightly yellow amorphous solid having a softening point higher than the acetal homologs thereof (140 ~ 150 ℃), strength, rigidity and hardness. They are larger and have good adhesive properties; in oil resistance, electrical insulation and other aspects are good; having a good water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance flammable, melt dripping black smoke and a special smell. .
PVA sponge purposes:
Medical / commercial grade macroporous / Microporous PVA sponge:
Medical grade polyvinyl alcohol sponge is a porous liquid absorbing excellent performance, when in contact with the surface of the human body is extremely soft completely natural degradation of polymer materials. Its excellent liquid absorbing performance not only in the fast absorbency rate, is also reflected in its superior absorbency. In general, one gram of PAV class sponge can absorb the equivalent of more than seven times its own weight in body fluids. Therefore these materials used to replace cotton and gauze in modern surgery , widely used international clinical surgery.
Medical grade polyvinyl alcohol sponge macroporous excellent pipetting performance, opening rate, strength, when in contact with the surface of the human body is very soft, especially in clinical trauma surgery suction drainage fields are widely used. Waste macroporous sponge is completely natural degradation, will not cause pollution to the environment. Under normal circumstances, one gram not add accessories PAV macroporous sponge can absorb the equivalent of more than nine times its own weight in body fluids. This class materials used to replace cotton and gauze in surgery clinical surgery resolves cotton or gauze issues need to constantly replace.
Medical polyvinyl alcohol sponge made of polyvinyl alcohol molecular chain obtained by curing through crosslinking agent, without filaments or fibers head, the use will not have a fiber shedding phenomenon in eye surgery, ENT surgery, neurosurgery craniotomy and thoracic surgery heart surgery procedure, it does not fall off because the fibers have an impact on wound healing. Depending on the clinical use, if the load the appropriate accessories in the sponge, but also to promote wound healing. At the same time the class sponges have good mechanical properties, it can be processed into various shapes depending on the surgery, especially for use in micro-surgery in spear-shaped sucking sponge or sponge stick, it can quickly fine net absorption and bleeding, to ensure operation correct.
Edit this paragraph polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge production method
There are physical foaming hair, chemical foaming hair and three methods of combining physical and chemical foaming method, but at present domestic production technology PVA sponge material behind the use of the method of starch filled with foam. That is at the right temperature First starch filled PVA solution, and at a certain temperature the PVA after crosslinking the starch washed away. When using this method of producing severe environmental pollution, the subsequent processing steps long, the starch can not be completely cleaned, and starch with an acid catalyst can not be completely recycled, is not conducive to saving resources and cut costs. domestic polyvinyl alcohol sponge production technology Services
At present, Beijing Brooklyn Naqi provide new materials production technology is the leading domestic output of all its technical backwardness not use starch filling method, the technology advantage is reflected in:
u The new technology does not require add starch, simply add 0.8% to 3% of production aid, under certain conditions you can omit starch crosslinked foam using links, eliminating the need for starch cleaning part.;
u new technology to shorten the production cycle, energy efficient use of various production processes.
u The new technology can effectively improve the physical properties of the product, wet resilience, tensile strength, compressive modulus of elasticity, water absorption speed, and so on have been greatly improved.
u The new technology can be recycled catalyst, save costs and reduce pollution caused by acid emissions.
u The new technology can produce residue recycling, water conservation and effective solution to emissions.
u can use new technology to improve the degree of mechanization, the effective protection of workers' safety and health operations.
u sync with the new technology, the company is supporting the aid KL-M series additives for the production of pharmaceutical grade, industrial-grade PVA porous sponge design;. KL-A series of aid for the production of pharmaceutical-grade PVA sponge carefully macroporous design; KL-Q additive sponge product enhancers; KL-S is a sponge improver.