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Gift packaging sponge lining | Location packing foam lining

Gift packaging sponge lining | Location packing foam lining
  • Gift packaging sponge lining | Location packing foam lining
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Features: High rebound sponge Manufacturer / Place of Origin: Shenzhen Source: Foam sponge
Density: 30 (g / cm3) Material: PU foam Uses: Packing sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of gift boxes sponge lining, customized production of various high profile gift box packaging foam lining Factory products are categorized as follows:! Brand: US should clean 1. cleaning supplies (sponge, scouring pad , sponge scouring pad, cotton pulp, pulp sponge scouring pad, Glitter cloth, etc.); 2. sponge bath products (seaweed sponge, ordinary sponge block, sponge heterosexual, hydrophilic sponge; 3. PE bath ball (nylon mesh bath article series: flower bath, bath ball) 4. sponges Crafts (animals, fruits, flowers, heart-shaped, etc.); 5. Automotive sponge block; filter sponge factory Product description: a professional production 9-80 density sponge; sponge products; slow return sponge, 9-80 density sponge; rough holes sponge; color sponge; special shape processing; fire-retardant foam; broken hole sponge; compressed sponge, high-rebound, the slow rebound sponge (memory foam, low rebound sponge), fire-retardant foam high density renewable sponge; two professional production of plastic, nylon mesh bath products series: flower bath, bath balls, bath flower strips, all kinds of cartoon style plastic Class bath network products, fashionable and beautiful color, very practical, stylish flower bath, make your bathing more refreshing! III. Product unique design that can be used to clean the bath use, but also advertising gifts, promotional gifts, gifts, cosmetics . gifts, New Year gift of choice for supporting the production of 50D sponge with good elasticity, uniform porosity, tensile strength and other characteristics, color can be customized according to needs; such as pink, gray, black, yellow, etc., which are widely used in packaging, automotive IV. . bath sponge, bath with shower gel upon kneading, clean the skin, soft and comfortable. products have different shapes, round, oval, kidney-shaped, and stalked, sessile, wave massage, etc., colorful, feel comfortable, suitable for cleaning needs of different people. V. products sponge products, wood pulp, cotton, bath ball, clean ball and nylon (PE plastic bath) and other products, products are high, medium and low-grade variety of series, with excellent price advantage, application and supporting all types of product promotion and sales of their product packaging, to the market, so as to more effectively promote sales environment to better serve the public;? Is there such a vision can explore together collaborate, create better marketing effect, so that better service, I plant products is very suitable as a promotional distribution, advertising gifts, distribution mix and matching, etc. The preferred;! once at home and abroad of some well-known brands and the company's products supporting, gifts and promotional activities, and get very good reviews, this push to see our products to your company, sincerely hope that your company calls business negotiations and the establishment of long-term harmony with surplus friendly and cooperative relations!