Shockproof foam lined packaging | packaging foam molding manufacturers

Shockproof foam lined packaging | packaging foam molding manufacturers

Product description:

Features: stereotypes sponge Manufacturer / Place of origin: Shenzhen City Dongtai sponge Source: Foam sponge
Density: 25 (g / cm3) Material: PE foam Uses: Packing sponge
Implementation of quality standards: SGS ROHS

The company manufactured a variety of polyurethane foam - cotton super-power, furniture cotton, cotton packing, shockproof cotton, fire cotton, cotton insulation, cleaning cotton, sponge gum paste, sponge sofa sponge products, the company sponge with environmental protection, no color, smooth and so on PU foam including polyester and polyether can be sliced ​​or cut volumes, also composite processing, hot pressing and blasting holes processing according to customer requirements. PU foam because of its insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption , flame retardant, antistatic, breathable performance and other characteristics, it is involved in a variety of industries, including the automotive industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, bust lingerie manufacturing and high-end furniture manufacturing.
The company specializes in the production of various styles of high-grade underwear sponge, sponge clothing, swimwear sponge, sponge lining and other sponge products, customers can design and customize a variety of sponge special shape, while research and development production of various EVA products, PE products, EPE pearl cotton products, quality assurance, welcomed the talks!

Within a tall glass shatterproof glass packaging foam care products Earthquake packaging foam, high-elastic sponge shockproof