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Shenzhen customized processing of EVA foam processing | EVA foam shaped molding manufacturers

Shenzhen customized processing of EVA foam processing | EVA foam shaped molding manufacturers
  • Shenzhen customized processing of EVA foam processing | EVA foam shaped molding manufacturers
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Features: high resilience foam Manufacturer/origin: Dongtai sponge Source: foam sponge
Density: 38 (g/cm3) Material: EVA foam Uses: special sponge
Implement quality standards: SGS ROHS

I factory production various color (single, double) EVA bubble cotton rubber pad, rubber feet pad, silicone feet pad, back force rubber pad, sea cotton rubber pad various color flannel no spinning cloth mill operation posted transparent, Asia white, dumb black, mill sand PVC fast BA paper, protection film electrostatic film high temperature tape double rubber beauty lines rubber 3M, T4000, day East 500, car bubble cotton rubber,. Can be pressed into various shapes according to customer demand.
EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), ethylene (e) and acetic acid (VA) copolymer produced, English-language name for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, known as EVA.
EVA foam sheet used every corner of life, people's life has been inextricably linked with EVA products. General applications: EVA color sheet, EVA midsole, EVA. PE foam, EVA sheet, flame retardant foam EVA, EVA toy gift, EVA sporting goods, EVA various types of gaskets.
Water resistance: closed-cell foam structure, does not absorb water, moisture, water resistance performance is good.
Corrosion resistance: resistant to salt water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, corrosion, antibiotic, nontoxic, tasteless, pollution-free.
Process: without joints, easy hot pressing, cutting, coating, laminating and other processing.
Shockproof: flexibility and high tensile, high toughness, good shock/cushion performance.
Insulation: insulation, insulation cold and excellent low temperature performance, may be resistant to the cold and exposure.
Sound insulation: closed-cell foam, good sound insulation.
Cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, engineering, such as refrigeration, refrigerated and frozen; Fried skate, sneakers lined material, sport insoles, back cushion bags, surfboards, kneeling pad; Ice, cold buildings, light roofing, construction and installation and other thermal insulation materials for building: car seats, car interiors, roofline, foot cushion, awning materials;
Electrical appliances, precision instruments, equipment, and other electronic products as wide-ranging as shockproof packaging field. Air conditioning and refrigeration fittings, cold insulation materials, machines and equipment sealing buffer, heat set, precision medical tools, measuring tools package liners, sporting goods, intellectual building blocks.