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Car Decoration | cute shaking his head dog | Meng Chong car accessories car cartoon doll | creative doll ornaments

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Product parameters:

  • Function: Blessing
  • Model: shaking his head doll
  • Color Classification: Shepherd Husky Beagle Girard St Bernard Chai Dog Bulldog Terrier Shar Pei Yellow Shar Pei White Shar Pei Brown Sausage Boxer Labrador (pure black) Dot dog (white body black spots) 'Buy one Send five '
  • Shape: Big ears dog

Popular movie 'heart flower road release', Xu Zheng opened the car above the ornaments, is our this shaking head dog!

Buy and send Anti-skid pads, gold chain, double-sided adhesive, static paste, wood Buddha beads Five-like gift! Now the lowest price 19.9 yuan 包邮!

Notice: Taobao is shaking his head dog imitation goods, the quality of uneven levels, of course, the price is relatively low, remember that you pay for goods! We better than the price than the quality of welcome to compare! In progress ...

Genuine: use Environmental resin flocking Material, weight of a single dog 240g, The dog head activity flexible, colorful!
Imitation: use plaster Material (fragile), the weight of a single dog 160g, The dog is too light, not fixed, flocking is not the whole!