LKV363MINI AV to HDMI converter, 3RCA to HDMI

LKV363MINI AV to HDMI converter, 3RCA to HDMI

Product description:

LKV363MINI AV to HDMI Video Converter will CVBS, AUDIO (L / R) stereo signals through advanced digital signal processing technology is converted to HDMI output, so that CVBS signal upgraded to 720P or 1080P HD progressive signal, image and sound quality results greatly improved the image is more clear and stable. use of advanced color processing technology, the converted image bright, lifelike.

AV to HDMI conversion technology

LKV363mini cumulative 10-year Long-conversion technology, the use of video scaler technology allows the AV signal is converted to HDMI lifelike whole collection show in your eyes.

Full HD 1080P Full HD, into a new realm of full HD quality

LKV363mini using Long strong leading video conversion technology, the AV analog signal acquisition, A / D processing resolution 480i / p upgraded to HDMI 1080P digital signal.

Smart AV to HDMI Converter

LKV363MINI input AV signal automatic identification without complicated settings automatic identification PAL / NTSC, and with full hardware processing technology in the conversion process, without any complicated drivers and software settings, allowing you to enjoy your life LKV363MINI Convenience.

AV to HDMI 3D optimization compensation technology

MINI Long strong LKV363MINI although the figure was the same with 3D compensation patented technology will clear and vivid picture vividly demonstrated in front of you. Watch convert videos in clear reproduction. Effectively eliminate jitter and smearing of fast motion picture, while the red, green, and blue perfect restoration.