National quality precision needle machine needle 3A -class products Handheld instrument detector metal detector

National quality precision needle machine needle 3A -class products Handheld instrument detector metal detector

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Superb
  • Model: TY-28MJ

TY-28MJ handheld needle detector Also known as: hand-held needle detector, portable needle, a needle check, test instrument, such as ferromagnetic
This type of instrument-based handheld portable needle detector with vibration and sound and light alarm function and other features. Using a magnetic field principle, can effectively and accurately detect the specific location of the needle and other iron items. For thin pieces and detect extremely small items apply. for large needle and detected later, the handheld needle detector can help you find exactly what small-scale magnetic metal needle or iron really is here to prevent metallic impurities or mechanical harm to consumers, improve product quality .

First, the technical performance

1, The instrument uses high-end digital chip size (L * W * H): 145 * 55 * 45 (mm); Weight:. 250g
2, Alarm: light, sound, vibration, triple alarm sound file (Ala) and vibration file (Vib) can be arbitrary choice.
3, the instrument using the power of 6F22-9V battery, standby LED quiescent current of 4, this instrument can continuously long-term work, no heat, no overload. When the power supply voltage is lower than 6V will produce less than the continuous chirping sound, It said power shortages should be replaced.
5, the high sensitivity of the instrument can detect very small needle decapitation, such as the φ1.0Fe Test block basis, height up to 15mm About; as to φ0.7*20Iron needle to test basis, up to the height of its detection 50mm the above.

Second, the application
1, the instrument can knitting, clothing, socks, clothing and other products were all wearing needle detection, can quickly find wearing clothes present in the needle decapitation, metal objects correctly, to ensure personal safety when worn.
2, the instrument can be used to check whether the super-ferromagnetic clothing accessories criteria, such as detection of metal buttons, metal zippers and other metal jewelry with whether it contains ferromagnetic metal.
3, the instrument can be of pharmaceutical, food, chemical raw materials for detection of ferromagnetic materials.
4, the instrument can check the condition of the presence of wood, walls, tables, inside the nail, steel, pipe.
5, the instrument on the human body, animals and other work-related injuries, cuts, crushing and other parts inspection, check whether internal bleeding harmful metals.
6, the instrument can also be used to check the border customs posts, civil servants being seized rapid search of hidden weapon.

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