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Cotton age | disposable anti-galactorrhea pad | cotton leakproof spread milk pad | breastfeeding 36 tablets / box x2

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Purcotton / cotton era
  • Name: anti-overflow milk pad
  • Style: one-time
  • Specifications: 72 tablets

  • Product specifications
  • Product Name: PurCotton Boxed Butterfly-type anti-galactorrhea pads, 30g cotton surface 36 1 box x2
  • Product Number: 800-002201-01
  • Material: natural US cotton imports
  • Packing: 2 pieces / paper bag, 36 pieces / box * 2 boxes
  • product description
  • Natural cotton surface, soft and comfortable, dry and breathable
  • Absorption, rapid penetration
  • Internal absorbent polymer material, fully absorb the excessive breast milk and the polymerization of galactorrhea inside to keep the nipple clean, dry
  • Three-dimensional cup design, pro-soft fit breasts, to avoid the nipple milk pad friction produce pain, make you feel more comfortable
  • Layers of monitoring, the use of more confidence
  • Security, waterproof cloth, easy isolation, not easy to back to infiltration
  • Double-sided anti-skid stickers on the back, close adhesion with the underwear, not easy to slide, no residue after tearing
  • Butterfly arc shape, elastic design at both ends, close to the chest curve, coated chest, gentle care, feel more natural and comfortable.
  • Instructions
  • Wash hands before use, with a wipe wipe breasts, nipples
  • Place the breast pad on the inside of the breast bra, so that the nipple is located in the center of the breast pad, tearing off the sticker paper can be used.